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Thread: Wasabi V3 with V5 clip on a D2C

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    Wasabi V3 with V5 clip on a D2C

    I know this console should be pretty straight foward but I am having problems getting this thing to work. I have the chip soldered to the clip and the chip appears to be working fine on originals but it wont spin backups very long. I have a green light on the chip so should'nt that mean it should be working? Ive noticed alot of talk about F to Q wiring but this clip has no Q so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You must solder a wire F-F from Clip to Board.

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    The v5b has a q point but the v5 does not. the v5 can not be solderless, it requires 1 point to be soldered. (F)
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    Ok I've soldered the f wire to f on the wii and the backups work sometimes. Its like it spins the drive for the backups when it feels like it, are these chips that buggy or am I doing something wrong. Did I not make a good connection with the f wire or what, am I using the wrong media? Imation DVD-R by the way.

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    The best medium that the wii-community prefered are Verbatim, Sony and TDk DVD-R by a max writespeed 8x.
    Sometimes 4x were better.

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    So do you have any problems with games loading sometimes having to eject and trying reload till it works

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    I have to say IMHO, solderless "clips" are garbage. I understand that many people have no experience in soldering. That may make potential buyers like the possibility of installing the chip themselves. I also believe that the makers of these clips make a decent product. However, I am a firm believer, of course, I'm an installer, that soldering in your chips is the best and only way to prevent problems.

    With that said, I wish the best of luck to anyone puchasing and installing a WiiClip!!

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    What would be your chip of choice for a D2C ?


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