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Thread: Best stream player

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    Best stream player

    Have been usin WiiRadio for streaming audio, and it's pretty decent, I must say. I tried using WiiMC but find it crashes/dumps more often, but like the Shoucast TV option. Is these another player that will allow me to watch Shoutcast TV?


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    Personally, when I use wiiMC for shoutcast it works fine. You may have been using an older version. Perhaps try the newest revision of wiiMC.
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    WiiMC had asked me to update, which I had done a couple time. I figured then it must not be updating properly, so I downloaded the latest (V1.1) and manually copied files to the apps/wiimc dir on the SD card. USB support appeared and much better SHOUTcast stream handling. Thanks


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    The new version of WiiMC I installed over the holidays seems to work fine - better than the other version, so that's for that. I can't seem to find a "search" function within WiiMC. I was messing around with WiiRadio and it has a search feature, so I was just going to start using that, except it stopped working. I've deleted the files and reinstalled it ( even gone as far as different versions, different SD cards...). It only works "sort of" for ICEcast, and doesn't find anything for SHOUTcast radio. IF WiiMC has a search feature I would just stick with it.

    Another note about WiiMC... Christmas Day we had family over and was using WiiMC for Christmas music. I had stumbled across CRN Channel 03 Mystery Theater and was having some laughs with company over listening to OTR over all this high tech gear. Sort of ironic. Anyways, I settled down tonight and I couldn't find the station in the listing anywhere. I remeber that it was under the "TALK" listing in WiiMC, but it didn't show up and without the search function I couldn't even direct the player to the stream manually. So I go back to using WiiRadio, and it's still only working for ICEcast streams, nothing for SHOUTcast. I'm thinking that this might be the URL from where the playlist is..and that the one in use for WiiRadio might have changed?

    Anyone have any insight into this, I'd appreciate it. Alternativly, getting a message to the WiiMC developers to include some search function or direct stream inputting...

    Happy Holidays



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