GBATemp user CoolKill3r has been keeping up with the Wood R4 Firmware releases. His project has been to decrypt and encrypt the files into an .NDS format, thus allowing the Wood Firmware to be launched as an .NDS file, which allows users to keep more than 1 R4 firmware on their card.
This is for the R4, R4iDSN, and R4i Gold ONLY! This .NDS file will not boot Wood on ANY OTHER FLASH KIT!

The purpose of this project is to allow users to have more than 1 instance of a firmware on their R4. As all updates use the same file structure, this allows users to 1) have more than one Wood instance or 2) use an older R4/YSMENU with the ability to boot the Wood Firmware.

Wood .NDS files

Wood R4
Wood R4iDSN
Wood R4iDS
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