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Thread: Just a general wondering...

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    Talking Just a general wondering...

    Why is it that I see so many people hating on USB Loader GX saying that it's horribly glitchy etc.? I've used it since day one and never had even one issue with it... I had tried CFG at one point as per a suggestion of it being better but had 1 major problem with it... it's terribly confusing to use for children if they wanted to use cheats or what have you. The only upside I saw to CFG vs GX was the configurability of the GUI, which let's face it, is just aesthetics. So why all the hate for USB Loader GX people?

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    I personally believe most of the hate comes from a lot of people who post problems with specific games say that they are using GX, and move to CFG or wiiflow and it fixes their problem. The only reason I used CFG from GX was when I made the move to fat32 I gave it a try, and like you said, the aesthetics kept me there. If your GX works, keep it.
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