1. What is the ds2sdk?

The ds2sdk is an interface of application layer and driver layer. It's collection of GCC compiler, ds2 hardware driver library, some open source library and an example. It's released to help software lovers to develop program which run on DSTWO.

2. What the ds2sdk can be used to do?

ds2sdk can be seen as a multimedia development kit. Hardware layer mainly provides audio and video transmission function. By ds2sdk upper layer interface, you can transfer audio data and video data to NDS, the same, you can put NDS hardware information and real-time clock information back to the upper application. So, if you're a software enthusiast, depending on ds2sdk, all audio and video related things, you can try to do. For example, you can develop or transplant your own reading software by ds2sdk, or you thought that the official iReader has room for improvement, you can make improvement for it (by the way, the latest version of the iReader source will be fully public released). You can transplant, or improve the relevant simulator, or do your own home-made software, such as MP3 players, MPLAYER player. You can even make your own game if you wish. In short, if you are a software enthusiast, ds2sdk gives you a stage.


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