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Thread: Unmodded Wii

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    Unmodded Wii

    Ok so I have an unmodded wii and I'm wanting to cheat during my game playing. There doesn't seem to be any cheat devices out for the wii, short of the gamesaves by datel. I've heard people talk about usbgecko...Does USBGECKO act like a gameshark/action replay if your wii isn't modded? If not, are there any other options when it comes to game cheating on the wii?


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    psh, install homebrew channel, and get gecko OS

    boots games with cheats + region free

    oh and its free

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    so im not the only one with an unmodded wii lol

    cheers for the info.

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    so when I google homebrew channel it mentions installing the twilight hack....

    so are the steps that I need to install the twilight hack first, then the homebrew channel?

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    theres many tuts, on this forum, just go in the faqs section and look for them, :3

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    also...I don't have the particular zelda game the homebrew channel website mentions. (sorry I'm such a pain....I promise I'll get better at understanding)

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    buy it, rent it, steal it sorry i mean "borrow it", etc just get it xD

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    I found the FAQ on the homebrew channel and it gives two options: the zelda hack, or a drive chip.
    So I either need to own the twilight zelda game, or have a modded wii?

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    thanks admiral

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    more or less, but with the chip route you must have 3.2 or lower

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