~~Official Thread~~

HERE (Registration Required)

First of all, we at DarkUmbra, would like to explain that we’re not trying to steal any thunder from wiinnertag. We feel that Daileon created a fantastic idea/application and we feel we can build off of it. Our DUTag supports some newer features and we hope you will like them.

What is "DUTag"?
DUTag is a feature that can be used with most backup loaders, both disc and usb. Our plan of action is to make a gamertag that is as similar to those available on the other 2 gaming systems. Although creating an application that is similar in terms of achievements isn’t possible, it is possible to track certain gaming information, such as recent games played, scores and points awarded for tournament wins. Moreover, DUTag gives you the ability to choose what information you want available in your gamertag, such as Friend Codes, NickNames, Number of games available to be displayed etc...
Games played are automatically added and removed from the tag as they are played. Go ahead and give it a whirl!

Please Note:
- The tag can be used on any site.
- An intro topic is required after registration (To avoid Leeching)

Need more info?
- You can reply to this thread, or
- You can visit our website www.DarkUmbra.Net or http://darkumbra.net/index.php?app=core&am...&area=setup

Where can I get mine?
Register @ DarkUmbra and then create an intro topic. From there, go to this link à http://darkumbra.net/index.php?app=core&am...p&tab=dutag

What Loaders can be used with DUTag?
- NeoGamma
- Wiiflow
- CFG USB Loader
* With Plans to add others *

Are there any requirements?
- A hacked wii
- Wi-Fi Enabled
- Registration @ DarkUmbra.Net

Is there anything else that needs to be done?
Well, each loader uses its own method to get the tag working properly. Here’s how to set it up properly for the loaders that work with DUTag.
Register @ DarkUmbra.net, create an intro topic and then click here.


Can we get an example of what it looks like?
Here you go:


So what makes this different? What are the differences?

- Custom colours for member/nickname
- The ability to use your profile pic from DU on your tag.

- Import Mii/Create Mii application
- Custom colour for wii # and other information
- Custom Fonts
- A system to upload custom background images to make custom, one of a kind, tags

This seems interesting, can I help? Can I submit an idea?
Sure, just PM me here or PM ShadowPuppet, the mastermind, at DarkUmbra. We’re looking for ways to make this better and better, if you can think of something that I haven’t mentioned, please bring it to our attention, and if it’s possible, we’ll try