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Thread: FNG here =P

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    FNG here =P

    Hey all,

    This site thus far has been an excellent resource, helping me softmod my new Wii

    Unfortunately, I wish I had seen this site first... as I would have looked for an older wii, instead of getting the new red one my wife wanted ( 4.3U ftl =( )

    Starting to set-up the wii to load games I rip to a HD... as I have a 3 year old son that thinks dvds/cds are race tracks for his matchbox cars.

    Few problems thus far, but expending all other options before I post them, per suggestions =P

    It's amazing what searching does. 3 days and 2 HDDs later, and I'm up and running. Turns out all my blackscreen problems were from a faulty external HD, game would load, and usually freeze after logos. The newbie forums, and FAQs/Guide sections are priceless.
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    Hello Kasket82


    First of all we like new members to read the Forum Rules.. Please do your very best to follow them.

    Updating to System Menu 4.3 is an instant Fail!

    We are here to help each other but doing a simple search can be the easiest way to find your answer. Please see this thread on how to make the perfect search.

    Guides to get you Soft modded
    Mauifrogs'Mod Any Wii Guide
    Mauifrogs' 4.3 System Menu SoftMod Guide
    ShadowSonics' 4.2 System Menu SoftMod Guide
    Dogeggs' 3.1-4.1 System Menus SoftMod Guide

    Running your Backups from your HDD
    FAT32 Guide HERE - WBFS Guide -HERE

    For all Hard Mod Users
    Mod Chip Section
    Sun Driver

    Come join the IRC and participate in Live chat with members and staff
    |IRC Welcome & Rules|
    You can use ChatZilla, mIRC or the NEW Chat button in the menu bar to connect.

    If you are feeling lucky why not enter the WiiHacks Holiday Season Drawing

    For all you Macintosh users go Here

    Hot Topics
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    Metroid: The Other M [Guide]
    Super Mario Galaxy 2 [Guide]
    Donkey Kong Country Returns [Guide]

    Other Useful Links

    Wiihacks Guides: The Author Index
    Softmod Problems & Troubleshooting [GUIDE]
    Hopefully you will never need it --> The Bricked Forum

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    Used the forums =P Hence the post, the magical "search" button was able to solve all my problems, before I even posted =P

    Unfortunately, the new Limited Edition Red Wii... comes with 4.3U standard =/

    Great website, and everything you would ever want to know is already here!


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