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Thread: No way to fix Error#004 yet?

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    Question No way to fix Error#004 yet?

    Hi, my brother updated his Wii to 4.3u and his softmod applications were erased, and trying to mod it again won't work since when trying to read the SD card will result in the following message.

    An Error has occurred.
    The system files are corrupted.

    ... I've searched and can't find a fix for this, and well, I had not dealt with this, my wii I modded using guides here, and paid good attention to the do's and especially to the don't's...

    Is there a way to fix this issue?

    Thanks in advance.

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    use the softmod any wii guide below, you have to use a game exploit, bannerbomb does not work on 4.3 --> 004 Error.
    clean the sd card and start over with indiana pwn, smashstack

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    I guess you didn't even think about looking for a 4.3 softmod guide. Look for it in my signature.

    Bannerbomb is dead with 4.3 and you have to use a game exploit to get HBC reinstalled. Thats all covered in the guide including a list of games. If you don't have one of the games listed then go barrow, rent or buy the game. There is no other way.

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    Well, yes I read the guides, I guess since I had 4.3 from the moment I got my wii and didn't need any exploit, there could be a way to fix my brother's wii without them.

    Your answer has put me in the right direction, thanks for that.

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    found out what i was doing wrong

    i'm relatively new to all this, and i kept getting the #004 error when trying to load the sd card screen to copy the game save over.

    then i realized i was being noobish. you have to copy the game save over via settings > data management, not by selecting the sd card icon in the main menu.

    not sure if other people are making this same mistake, but i thought i would throw it out there to hopefully save someone else a bit of time.

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