I have the soldered WiiKey 2 with latest patch and latest firmware (4.3E) in my wii. I bought this wii a while ago and haven't done anything except updating the WiiKey and my wii doesn't read any SD-cards so I was wondering if it's caused by the modcip, it just gives the "The device inserted in the SD Card slot cannot be used."-message when I put the card inside.
I don't have the HBC and I can't install it if my SD-reader won't work, I have enough money to buy a new SD or a nintendo points-card (Cave Story was just released in Europe and I WANT IT) but if I buy a new SD and it won't work, I won't get anything.
I have tested only Kingston 2gb microSD with SD adapter and Kingston 2gb SD which worked with my camera.
Should I waste my last moneys on the points card or should I give an another chance to the SD-thing?