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Thread: Unusual problem. Need advise

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    Exclamation Unusual problem. Need advise

    I'd like to ask for advise from the community because I feel like the mods wont be able to help me. I got a wii 4.1u hardmodded with wiikey 2 1.09 and I itented to use Ithian's sofmodding method to update it so that I could play the newest games (MG2, donkey knog returns, yu-gi-oh duel transer...) but as I was I faces the choise of "applying nand to permissions" after i patched IOS15-64-v257. Knoing that messing with nand colud potenssialy brick my wii and not having made a nand backup, i clicked "no". I can still play my games just fine (including the online mode of Monster hunter 3) but I'm kinda worried that something could still go wrong, like being permanently banned from MH3 online. I'm also too scared to continue the update process(even if I do it after make a nand backup) because I fear to be banned or to brick my wii. I want to be able to play the newest games but I dont know what to do. I'd like to have feedback from people that did use Ithian's method successfuly and tell me if u can play MH3 online. Please

    Oh and just so u know, I intented to install IOS56-64-v5661 instead of IOS56-64-v5405.

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    follow the guide.

    If the guide didn't work it wouldn't be there.

    Most of the rumors about Ithian are false

    Playing online is fine.

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    uh...I never heard any rumors about him. I was actualy concerned about my own ability to do things right. If you say it's fine (even thou I did stop the process in the middle) then I'll proceed. I take I haven't made any mistakes so far?

    EDIT: The guide I followed is here:
    All that I did so far is "Install IOS36 with fakesign" and then I chose option "yes" until the question "apply nand to perssions" showed up for the 1st time. Then I chose no and exited dop-mii.
    Some1 pls say what you think of my choises and the way I did things. I am still too scared to continue the update.
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    One more thing, I did a systen check after I chose "no" on "apply nand to perssions". There was a "error ocurence" and a lot of 6-9 digits codes appeared in the form of list . I think there 10 to 15 lines of codes, about 5 each line. I got no idea of what it means.

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    Why are you so concerned with the nand permissions patch?? The guide says to say YES to all patches.

    Even if you said no it still wouldn't harm your system.

    Was there a question in any of that?
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    I feel like a total idiot for bring up again that I was scared of doing something that I know, in my mind, could work out well. But I also feel paranoic. I just can't shake the feeling that something could go wrong if I continue the process. I dont think the guide is wrong. I just this bad feeling that I cant explain why.

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    You just aren't making much sense. You could forget everything you did up to this point and start the process again and nothing bad will happen.

    I don't know why you are so paranoid about applying a patch that the guide says to apply. Also, the nand permissions patch has nothing to do with the nand backup (like you were talking about in the SMG thread) so you are stringing together things that have no relation to each other and getting paranoid about nothing.

    Not sure what exactlly you want us to do about your paranoia and inability to read and follow instructions. I would be glad to help you but so far you still haven't even asked a question that makes any sense (so logically no one can answer you).

    If you do have questions type them out very clearly like this...(example only)

    1. Why does this...
    2. How do I....
    3. Did I do this right when I ....

    Leave out any of your thoughts about being paranoid and just ask the questions you want the answer to.
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    Just a few more questions:
    Should I use bootmii to make a nand backup b4 I proceed?
    Is there a way to revert the procedure.

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    you simply need to do EVERYTHING the guide says.


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