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Thread: please help disc channel unable to load game

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    please help disc channel unable to load game

    i installed darkcorp yesterday and everything worked fine games loaded up and worked i when and uninstlled dvdx like a div and everything wnet arong i have reinstalled dvdx still nothing iv tried reinstalling darkcorp i think iv tried just about everything but still nothing iv tried playing the same games i was on yesterday but nothing please help im a bit of a noob in a way andi know it is probably somethin simple thanks

    and also since i have played about with pre loader my wii takes longer to restart and turn on have i done something wrong with that aswell sorry for the big pain lol
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    please try to reword your post, only understand half of it... also i have to move that, as you posted in the wrong section, i guess you have no modchip... your thread will land in the newbie section, stay within your thread.

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