Hey there, I know there's a newbie forum but I have a question directly related to USB loaders...

I downloaded USB Loader GX and bought a NexStar CX external HDD enclosure for a 500GB HDD I had sitting around my apartment The drive never spins down, even when the Wii is off, which lends to it getting a little warm (I have never owned a portable hard drive, or an eHDD kit before, so I don't know how hot is too hot for these things). I ripped all of my games to it and it plays flawlessly, I just don't know about leaving it on all the time. As of right now, when I remember, I turn it off when I turn the console off.

Should I turn on and turn off the eHDD when I turn on/turn off my Wii? Or, is it safe to leave it on all the time? What does everyone else do with their USB loaders/HDDs?

Anyway, I appreciate the help if any can be given.