Hello people,

I want to virganize my wii, but I don't know if it's safe to use this tutorial: Click.

This is gives a description of my wii

Serial number starts with: LEF11
System Menu version: 3.2E (it was 4.0 but I downgraded a long time ago to 3.2 to install cIOSCORP, wich was pretty stupid from me but I didn't know what was doing it in my wii, i just picked the first softmod guide i founded)
cIOSCORP installed: yes
Homebrew channel: yes
Preloader: yes
DVDX: yes
Vulnerable boot2: no


  1. Sometimes my wii is saying that my systemfiles are corrupted
  2. When i try to launch a game from the standard game channel the game has no colors but is black/white ( I play games via USB loader)

The reason why i want a virganized wii is because i'm going to sell my wii.

So is it save to follow that guide, if no, is there an another guide that will help me to virganize my wii?