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Thread: Please tell me this isnt a brick

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    Please tell me this isnt a brick

    I just installed a Wii Key Fusion, then selected to play Mario Galaxy and as it restarted to play, it just went black.

    Now, the wii wont boot up if I turn it on from the controllers - only if I do it by the switch; and even then its only showing a black screen.

    I want to avoid having to send this thing back to Amazon and hope they don't notice its been opened. I've only had it all of two days

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    Well since you opened it, make sure the bluetooth module is seated correctly. Either that or its broken. That is why you can't turn on the wii with the wiimote.

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    Definitely sounds like a BT problem.

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    You probably knocked the BT module loose while installing the modchip.
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