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Thread: Trucha Bug Restorer Error

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    Trucha Bug Restorer Error

    Hello, I was trying to help a friend that wanted to play backup Gamecube games, and something went wrong. His firmware is 4.2U I followed this guide here. FAILTUBE LINK REMOVED

    First thing he did was install IOS36, but it didn't work. The guide said to downgrade to IOS15 and install again, but then a bunch of 0s and 1s came flying across the screen and his Wii frozed. I told him to turn it off, then back on to see if it still works.

    Thankfully it does, but his disc channel says to update his Wii, because he had a game in the Wii while we were going through the guide. Originally, it never said to update his Wii. He was always able to go to the disc channel and play the game before we tried this guide. I don't really want to continue, because I'm not sure if I would brick his Wii or not.

    Help would be appreciated.
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    wiihacks has its own guides that it supports...

    check out the softmod any wii guide link in my signature
    also, head on over and post an intro in the introductions forum if you haven't already.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Try a REAL softmod guide --- a wiihacks one, not a FAILTUBE video. Then and only then --- after successful and proper softmod (don't forget Priiloader), do this.


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