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Thread: New to Wii!

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    New to Wii!

    I am new to having a Wii, and I have been watching these videos about "hacking" or "softmodding" a wii! But I have v4.3u and I was wondering if I could "hack" my wii to have homebrew channel ? And also if I wanted to play downloaded games on my wii, I know there is a program called neogamma? Could anyone help me?

    And then I have another question. Just need to get this one answered first !

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    Do you have super smash bros brawl, or indiana jones?

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    How new is your wii? Some of the newer wii's cannot be modded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liop4q View Post
    And also if I wanted to play downloaded games on my wii
    WiiHacks (and anyone with morals) does not support piracy.
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    And piracy isn't supported. You can get into trouble with us.


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