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Thread: Softmodded Wii will not play Metroid Other M Help please!

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    Softmodded Wii will not play Metroid Other M Help please!

    Hey, I have a problem with my wii. I haven't used it in ages so I can't remember what hacks I have installed on it, but I recently bought metroid other m and thought id give it a go.
    When I insert the disk I just get a blank screen telling me to remove the disk and restart the wii. I figured it was my hacking that had done it, so I thought I'd remove all hacks except HBC (so i could still manage WADs)
    I followed this guide: to remove any extra IOSs that might be causing trouble (over 200) and remove any NANDs that might causing trouble.
    I don't get that screen any more but I do get a screen telling me I need to update to get this to work, and I don't really want to do that and lose HBC if possible, because I won't be able to get it back (I don't have the money to buy the yu-gi-oh game needed for the softmod)
    So, my question is this: Do I have to install this update or can I use more softmodding to get myself out of this? I have BootMii installed on boot 2 (boots up before sys menu) and priiloader (i think... its the one that comes up before sys menu but after bootmii and i have it set to ignore update checks on games) installed on a 4.1E PAL system, bought 3 years ago.
    Any more information you need please ask, I really need to get this sorted, thanks!

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    Of course, it might actually help if you'd follow the GUIDE on this game --- right? That search box in the upper right corner exists for a reason --- use it. Also virginizing is never meant for this purpose you chose to employ it for.

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