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Thread: Hi im new and got some questions..

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    Hi im new and got some questions..

    Hi Guys im from Greece, and i just learn that wii can be hack.. i have buy 1week now the black wii with mario kart pack..

    Like all noobs i have some questions and im sry if u already have answer same questions ..

    1)I have do a update on my wii to ver.4.3E is possible to hack it?

    2) i dont got a SD cart is possible to hack it with a usbdrive?

    3)What exacly i can do if i hack it? and i will able to download games to my pc and play them to my wii ?

    4)Is possible to do damage to my wii ??

    5) Can some1 help me to do it with simple Steps by Steps with out so many guides? that make it camplicated to noobs like me .


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    you forget to say hello in the introduction section..

    Welcome message

    #1 do not update. you want to be on 4.1 for example, but yes 4.3 is hackable
    #2 nope, get a 2Gb SD card from Sandisk
    #3 you forgot to actually read the Forum Rules. we do not support piracy. you can play backups from your original discs on your wii.
    #4 sure, throw it out of the window, let the dog play with it. or do not listen to instructions. use the any wii guide and stick to it word for word
    #5 SIMPLE and STEP by STEP is the Softmod ANY wii GUIDE.
    good luck, have fun

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