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Thread: Modded Wii trying to avoid update on store bought game "uDraw"

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    Modded Wii trying to avoid update on store bought game "uDraw"


    I am a newbie, so I apologize in advance. I have a soft modded wii. I have 4.2U firmware, the latest homebrew channel and backup launcher 0.3 installed. I can play every single game except uDraw (which I bought with the tablet). My backup launcher doesn't seem to work for any games really. It gives me error #002. There are no copies of uDraw to download and I don't (at the moment) have a USB drive to copy it onto.

    How can I get it to play? Is there another version of the backup launcher that will work for me? Am I using the wrong cIOS?

    Thank you very much to anyone who can help.

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    try with neogamma

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    If you have priiloader installed and hacks enabled (which you SHOULD!) the game will not tell you to update.
    Add Priiloader to 4.1U or 4.1E or 4.2U or 4.2E, 0.5 (r99)

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    Thank you

    YES!!!! Thank you us3rname

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    Advice needed...I beleive that we are getting the UDraw game and Tablet for a gift soon.
    Does anyone know if this will work using WiiFlow as my backup loader? instead of running the game dvd?
    I prefer to not use dvd games and run everything from WiiFlow so as to not need to load a disc.
    Also, does the Tablet connect to the Wii by the WiiMote? Does it requrie USB slot? or just the WiiMote?
    I have 4.2U with PriiLoader and Hacks to block disc update, as well WiiFlow as my launcher...

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    How do you use Neogamma to run this game? I usually use the Wii Channel to launch "original" games and ULoader to launch my "backups".. and in this case..I have the "Original" disk for uDraw..
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