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Thread: Yet another "Error 003" case

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    Yet another "Error 003" case

    My friend gave me his wii for me trying to fix it's error 003. (He knows I like to mess up with videogames :P)

    The wii was probably korean but region changed to 4.1U. He tried to play CoD:MWR, and well, you know the rest.

    The point is, is there a way to fix this error without having a modchip, bootmii, priiloader, nothing? I have the GC controller, and that's all.

    If there's a way, I'd be glad WiiHacks could help me (ok, help him :P). If there isn't, well, he'll buy a modchip...

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    see the bricked section of the site, mauifrog has a guide on it.
    questions could go in that thread.

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    It can only be fixed if he had cioscorp installed or a savegame exploit installed. Without one of those installed it can only be fixed by nand programming and only if you have a bootmii nand backup.
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    Well, I think he's going to buy a new modchip.

    Thanks guys

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    just a new modchip isnt going to fix anything....


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