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Thread: .wad to .wbfs??

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    .wad to .wbfs??

    is possible to make a .wbfs file (using wad2iso first) from a .wad and make it work in a FAT32 partition (Using CFGUSBLoader)??

    i made the wbfs file but i didn't tryied cause i've read somewhere something about the bannebrick... so...

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    What is your endgame???

    If you are trying to convert wiiware or anything else we dont support it as its piracy!!!!

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    i am interested too.
    my requirement is simple:
    i am using WiiFlow as a Priiloader installed app.
    And one of my main apps is WiiMC/MPlayerCE which i use to play media from USB.
    I want WiiMC/MPlayerCE launcher to show up in WiiFlow.
    WiiFlow has the feature to show NAND channels. But my family gets confused with so much navigation
    So it would be great if these channels show up in the USB page


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