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Thread: noob with tons of questions, updates- covers- internet connection

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    Talking noob with tons of questions, updates- covers- internet connection

    My wii was softmodded and hard drive has many games. I want to download covers. I add internet and wii wants to update. I say no. I go to wiiflo and run the add covers section. it takes a while and when its done no covers? Am I connected? I added pre/prilloared and it still wants to update.

    Do i let it update after confirming internet?

    How do I get covers. WiiFlo --Usb Loader???

    How to guarantee my kids or me from allowing update. 24connect is off. But will have a original disc now and then.

    specs wiiflow2.1 usbloadercfg uloader channel 4.1firmware preloader v0.30b
    wad manager 1.5

    Thanks in advance.

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    press power hold reset priiloader will start up go to sytem hacks enable block disc updates enable block online updates then save turn connect 24 on then download all missing covers on wiiflow
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    Thanks for the assistance Piere. i tried that and still was not able to load covers from wiiflo. It appears like it is working. Goes through the motion status bar fill up and then no cover. If someone can spoon feed a gratefull noob and walk me through the process using my laptop and SD card to download covers from internet rather then wii net. Thanks in advance once again.

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    You can download the covers here and put them on your car or usb. There eas a post just the other day about this exact same issue, if I find it I will edit and add it here for you too read.

    couldnt find the post, but this guide is better anyhow!
    Wiiflow Installation and Settings
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    Skellinator, Thanks for your time. I think I found it.

    i will use this weekend to sit down and read the tuturial you sent me. Thanks . Looking forward to getting my donate stars............

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