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Thread: no usb device found

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    no usb device found

    Hello i am new to this got my wii 4.3 softmode with the help of guide.I tried to play burn game but it give ms error 1167(guess i cant play burnt DVDs) but my problem is when i try to use usb loader it says no usb device found
    I have tried everything from lexar jump drive to maxtor hdd with wbfs
    any help?

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    go with fat32...and try using cfg 222 or wiiflow 249,223,224, version

    use cfg v60 Downloads - cfg-loader - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Downloads - wiiflow - Project Hosting on Google Code

    remember to rename them to boot.dol...

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    Thanks for replying.I tried cfg version 60 as well it was giving error 250 while loading . then somehow my usb loader started working(may be coz i did partition on it with easeus partition) but with wbfs and I tried fat 32 as well but didnt work for me(as i was not able to move big files on fat 32).


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