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Thread: Metroid Other M, Issue on USB_Loader GX

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    Metroid Other M, Issue on USB_Loader GX

    Hello I'm new to the forum and not sure where to look for answers to my problem.
    I'm running 4.2u soft mod with the latest version of USB_Loader GX. My EX.HDD was set-up with WBFS Manager 3.0. I have Hermes' cIOS222.v4 and IOS56-64-5662 installed and all other IOS up to date also. but any how here is my issue

    I just went out and picked up Metroid other M, I played the game off disk for over an hour to make sure it would play OK ( I've read about the baby's cry and other issues) I then installed it into my HDD off the GX install with no issues. the problem is when I try to load the game, My Wii Drive lights up blue and nothing, the game doesn't load and it freezes the system up, but i still have the hand on the screen and can move it around but can't select any other games or exit the loader, the only way to exit is to hold the power button till full power off. I've Used both IOS 222 and 223 to load the game with the same out come. I have no issue with My retail copy M.O.M (but would like to put it up with the rest of My Metroid games Collection) or any other game on My HDD.
    Any help in resolving this issue will be very appreciated. Sorry for being long worded in this.

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    Do you have other games installed already on the hdd?

    Make sure the wbfs partition is set to active and primary

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    I installed configurable USB Loader last night to try it and came out with this:

    When I click on the Metroid Other M cover I get A WBFS panic error ans the system freezes like in GX but if I go into the game options and press a to load it from there it loads and plays fine, so I thought maybe there is a install error. I reinstalled it with the same out come as before and still need to load from the game options menu, Which is fine I at least I can put the disk copy up for safe keeping now, just need to take a extra step to load and play My back up.
    And yes I do have other games on the HDD and its only one WBFS partition. I have no issues loading other games, I can just click the box art and load. For some reason M.O.M is the only exception to that for me and I don't know why.

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    If your question pertains to this GAME, it goes in the relevant guide only AFTER you've read the entire guide. If it has to do with your Wii's setup, I suggest you make sure you've followed a wiihacks softmod guide. There's no purpose served in YAT (Yet Another Thread) on this game...


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