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Thread: whats happened to my Wii????

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    whats happened to my Wii????

    Hi bought my Wii couple of years ago because wife wanted to outdo sister got it chipped with wii2 key i think!) worked fine but wife never looked at it kids prefer xbox 360.

    we have only played... a couple times in last 2 yrs but now if i try to play new backups they dont work!!
    the original back ups still work.

    i cannot find thread to help as i dont know what problem is
    Please Help

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    You need to update your softmod..... there is a thread on this or..... look at the game guides for what is needed for the newer games.....

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    If you have wiikey2, you should update it. Register here Wiikey Resources & Downloads and download the latest patch (1.3 "Odyssey") from the members area and burn it to a DVD, this fixed my problem and that update runs SSBB and NSMB too.


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