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Thread: firmware help please.

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    firmware help please.

    Rather new to this but i installed a modchip yesturday to my wii. wasabi v3 with wii clip. its updated to 1.4 also.

    Now my question is my wii currently shows a firmware version of 2.1E.
    Once my wii is connected to the new which ive just sorted out it asks if id like to update. to which ive declined for now. As from what ive read this could brick the wii?
    So how do i go about upgrading the firmware without running into any issues.
    And would i be correct in thinking 3.2 is the one to have?
    I Currently have no homebrew apps ect running or installed.

    All advice would be handy. many thanks peeps

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    this is WHAT you SHOULD do, not what you HAVE to do

    • download a iso
    • download wii update manager
    • swap the update, and put on 3.2 with YOUR REGION *Pal?*
    • put it in your wii, and install the update
    • once you got that, download the wasabi 1.4 update
    • put it in, and block all updates
    • go to the homebrew channel website
    • download the homebrew channel ISO
    • put it in your wii, and install it
    • open homebrew channel, and update to beta 9

    then do whatever you want, but thats what i would do X3

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    Thanks for the info. just doing it now

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    cheers for that. gotta love dot point explanations


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