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Thread: Wii Region problem

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    Wii Region problem

    Hi ive just been given this wii to repair, the fault the person said was that its not playing games but had been softmodded in the past, so i thought it was a drive issue.

    After switching it on, the screen is black and white and it wont play a game, i tested the drive on another wii and it works fine, so i know thats not the issue.

    After doing abit of research it appears that the wii software is 4.3USA hence why its in black and white n wont play games, NTSC & not PAL like it shud be.

    The serial is LEH1 by the way.

    My question is, how can i revert it to PAL? is it possible and what tools would i need?

    Hopefully someone can help me?

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    look for program any wii region changer
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    Follow this guide. Don't try and do this blindly. It is dangerous for a 4.3 Wii!!

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    how can i launch the hack/bootmii though as the wii still works ok? ive tried the reset button and gc ways but it wont boot from sd first? im kinda new to this sorry guys.

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    Do you have the homebrew Channel installed? If not then you will have to start by following the 4.3 softmod guide in my signature.

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    No the person has formatted it prior to send it to me, so just has basic channels. ill checkout the softmod thanks

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    i still cant get bootmii or priiloader to work? as soon as i turn it on it just goes straight to the H&S screen? Help?!!!

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    if you mean you cant do it while using the 4.3 guide the question should go it that thread mate

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    No i meant i cant run from SD at all, ive got the necessary files on sd but when i hold reset nothing happens it just boots as normal?

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    have you resoftmooded the wii???

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