Hello from Maine

I discovered how to power a hard drive using the Wii rather than using an AC adapter. This information can be handy for those using an AC adapter to power their USB hard drives and getting static on their TVs (RF interference). There is a product called Nyko Intercooler for Wii. It has a pass-through power connector that uses the Wii's power plug to power a small fan. The two wires running to the fan are 12v pos and ground with enough juice to power a USB to SATA adapter and a 3.5" WD Caviar Green hard drive. Mine is 640 gigabytes and powered right off the Wii. This is possible because inside the Nyko Intercooler is a little board, I think it steps up the current, the result is good

That's a WD Caviar Green drive and the SATA to USB board from an enclosure. I have white electrical tape covering a lot of it but I am going to build another one soon. I can write instructions if anyone is unsure how I did it.

This solves the static problem and it's cheap and easy to do You just need the USB enclosure you probably already have, a soldering iron, a multimeter, and a Nyko Intercooler fan