I have done some searching and have temporarily solved my problem. However, I would like to ask the good folks in the wiihacks community for their opinions and ideas on how and why this happened.

Let's start by saying my computer is about 8 yrs old, and has been running great. About a year ago I installed windows 7, and to my surprise it runs fairly well despite me only having 768MB of RAM, (Win 7 says a min of 2GB is required) I just have to keep the visual affects to a minimum.

I have been using Google Chrome for a year now and I love it. But just yesterday it wouldn't load any pages when I start it. IE works fine so I know its not a connection issue.

It seems to be a security issue that some people online have had problems with dating back to 2008.

I have solved the problem by adding -no-sandbox to the target path. I don't no why this works or what it does, but it works, the difference being everytime I open Chrome, it says something like, "an invalid path......security and performance may suffer."

I figured I'd run it by you folks as most people on this forum are 200X more tech savvy than I.

If anyone has some insight on this matter, I would love to hear it. Thanks