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Thread: Reliability of third party wii lan adapters

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    Reliability of third party wii lan adapters ??

    Hi there.

    Just wondering what the general consensus is of third part wii lan adapters?

    Im trying to get my wii online using my virgin media modem and im getting 'error 52120' & '52122' {amonst others}

    But im starting to think the problem is with my lan adpater. Its not an offical nintendo one, but it is supposed to be for the wii {its grey and shaped like the offiacial one}.
    Are most of these things just junk ?

    Obviously id rather not, but if i have to buy an official nintendo one and try again i will but if i find im getting the same problem iv just wasted more monies.

    What you guys recommmend, buy an official one and take it from there or is there anything else i could try ?

    Spoke to some unhelpfull chap at virgin media, who didnt seem to know what i was on about {langauge barrier}, but then said i can connect my ''xbox'' to the internet using the blue cable..... thanks, but not exactly what i asked was it.

    Is there a certain order i should be hooking up my modem to my wii ?

    Before, this is what i did.....i unplugged the modem, unplugged ethernet cable from pc... connected it to my lan adapter, plugged modem back in, powered wii up, went to settings, tried all three connection tabs, also tried both usb ports.

    So now, i havent a clue what i should do next.

    Thanks. Hope someone can help.
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    Hey. Don't know if its worth anything to you, but here goes. I wasn't able to connect via WiFi with my old router. Don't know why... I bought a Nyko LAN adaptor and it worked fine. I have since gotten a new router and WiFi works now. When I hooked up the LAN, I just had everything off. Plugged it in, powered on, and it worked fine.
    Do you have paypal? Where are you at? I'd sell mine for $10 if you want. No guarantee it works for you, but it worked for me...

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    Thanks for the offer namyarb3 but im in uk Would be more trouble than its worth.

    I think im gonna go get an official nintendo one. Although i have a feeling the bugger still wont work {nothing ever seems to be straight forward for me}, but i wont know until i try one.

    Im googling around on this problem and all i see is ''wireless'' router.

    I just want to use my internet on either the wii or my pc. Im not botherd about using both at the same time.

    Was hoping for a few more comments too. Its really annoying when you see 100 views and only one reply

    But thanks again namyarb3.

    Found this
    if you are running through a router or if your Internet provider requires a MAC address for your systems/computers, look for the adapter's MAC address in the Wii menu (it's on the same page as the Wii's MAC address). Mine didn't work until I gave my Internet provider (which was the University I attend) the MAC address for my system and adapter. If that doesn't work, then I'm out of ideas.
    And this
    Virgin cable don't require you to register the MAC address of your first LAN device (ie router, or individual PC) either. The modem passes through the WAN IP address directly to the router or PC, it being able to handle only one device directly itself.
    Now that mentions ''Virgin cable don't require you to register the MAC address of your FIRST lan device'' {my pc}

    So does that mean it DOES require me to register the mac address of a SECOND device {my wii}?

    I dunno

    Anyone else like to chip in ?
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