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Thread: Wii recognizes game but then the screen turns black

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    Wii recognizes game but then the screen turns black

    I have a new Wii with a wiikey fusion. I only use an sd card. My problem is that some games work fine and other doesn't. I don't understand why. The wii regognizes the game but when i click on it, the screen turns black. So far as i know the latest updates are installed on the wii. The games that work: (for example) mario galaxy, wii party, Mario Bros, Mickey Epic, Bakugan. Games that doesn't work: Monopoly, Sonic Coleurs, Bey Blade. Kirby. Is there something i can do? (My English is maybe not that good. I'm from Holland, but i trie...)

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    If you're running through the disc channel,
    you'll need to update/install the ios's.
    The correct ios or version of that ios that the game(s) run on is lower or not installed.

    You'll need to install it for the games to work.
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    Thanks for your reaction. Do you know if there is a tutotiar about installing ios? Do i have to install them through the sd card? And where can i find the correct version? (I hope i don't sound too stupid)

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    You need HB installed with a cios

    Check the latest IOS as Wads in my signature - If you look further down the thread you will see a link to a thread about What Ios games run from.

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    Thank you. I will try that.

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    I have the same issue with Epic Mickey. I checked the IOS listing and the IOS to game threads but did'nt see Epic Mickey listed. Running Softmod Wii with 4.1 Firmware and GSX loader HDD. I read on another thread that you need to be 4.3 to run Epic Mickey. Is that true?


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