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Thread: recent game reading problem

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    recent game reading problem

    I currently have version 3.3u. I have successfully dumped and burned about 30 games so far. Just recently I am getting disc reading errors on the newer games that I have burned. All of my old games still read fine. My burns are finished as successful (verbatim -r, then burn with imgburn at 2.4x). The last 3 games (fifa 08, Madagascar 2, and Raw 2009) all have done the same thing. When I first put it in, it reads it. I then click start, and when it is loading, it says it can not read it. Is anyone else having this problem? I am using a d2pro9 v2 Thanks for any help.
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    newer games need Cios 37, IOS 38, 53, and 55

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    How do I go about doing that. Is there a tutorial some where?

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    install with Wad manager

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    do I need home brew to do this, because I dont have that.

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    yes you do

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    so, let me get this straight, I need to:
    1-install home brew
    2-install wad manager
    3-install Cios 37, IOS 38, 53, and 55

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    yeah basicly

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    where do I get these cios files

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    my faq topic, or from my account

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