The latest revision of the Nintendo 64 emulator project for the PlayStation Portable is now out, bringing us a new set of changes, more tweaks and improvements to the ever-improving emu. Now on revision 606, the latest update includes...


* Revision 606

o [!] Fixed save state text rendering and selection
o [!] No cache alignment on registers, seems faster that way
o [!] inline inner core functions that gets called a lot
o [!] Simplified the Fragment cache Hash
o [~] Really fixed the N64 -> PSP coordinate rounding/conversion

* Revision 605

o [!] Set Zfighting Fix enabled by default
o [^] Merged battery functions into one component
o [+] Optimized ConvertN64ToPsp (Avoid rounding twice and creating temporary object + rounding will be done in fpu to avoid converting from float to int..)
o [!] Made Highlight inexact blendModes debug only
o [~} Simplified a couple of parameters
o [~] Avoid calling UpdateFramerate if fps counter is disabled

Source- QJ