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Thread: Desoldering chip....

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    Desoldering chip....

    Hi guys.. I just bought Wiikey2 with clip presoldered....
    I bought this because my old chip cannot update things... so i can't play any new games...

    my question is that...

    Can I just cut off the wires attaching to the chip? and put the new wiikey2 chip?? would that work??
    or Do i have to completely somehow remove the solderings to make it look like new.. then put the new chip... T_T....

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    you must desolder, or it wont work right, and you might damage it

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    Ohhhhhhh I donno how to desolder......... I'm in deep trouble now... T_T...

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    you could solder the wires, but u can't desolder them? lolol

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    Quote Originally Posted by aKiiY View Post
    you could solder the wires, but u can't desolder them? lolol
    I didnt do it by myself.......

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    Just go to radio shack and ask for some desoldering braid. usually looks like a roll of copper braid wire.

    then check these tutorials out.

    Tangent Tutorials


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