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Thread: Fire Emblem, Chocobo Dungen, and Lego Games black screen

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    Fire Emblem, Chocobo Dungen, and Lego Games black screen

    Final Fantasy Chocobo Dungeon and Fire Emblem and lego games help

    I have been playing this game through usb loader gx and I got to the clock tower and now every time I enter the clock tower I get a black screen. Is this caused from a bad copy? Do I need to recopy it? Or is this an Iso thing?

    I am having similar issue with fire emblem. I start a new game, watch the cinematic and a dialogue scene then it goes to a black screen. Any idea why this would be happening?

    Lego batman goes to the loading screen and stays there.

    Lego star wars load to a black screen.

    I have a softmod hack follow shadow sonics guide for a 4.2u
    Usb loader gx 938

    I have 90+ games, I have tried about 30 and they have all worked. Then tonight I run into 4 in a row.

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    Only shadow sonic's guide --- nothing else at all?

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    I have the fix for NSMB, and Monster Hunter Tri, I also have it wii motion plus enabled.


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