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Thread: I think i bricked my wii

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    I think i bricked my wii

    After installing the lates homebrew channel i tried to exit to my wii menu and a message came up stating that my wii menu was corrupted and to refer to the trobleshot for additional help. so i turned my wii off and turned it back on and it was fine. A few days later i went to mii channal and check mii out channel and when i tried to exit to wii menu the same message came up so i turned off my wii and turned it back on it is fine.

    Please help me fix my wii before it bricks for good.

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    can i update using nintendo or will it brick. i know there is nothing to gain by updating i just want a normal wii. also would i have to remove piiloader or can i just update as is

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    A format from the wii settings may help your issue.
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    how would i about fixing that


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