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Thread: Help! How can I play "Donkey Kong... Returns" (on v4.2u) without downloading update?

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    Help! How can I play "Donkey Kong... Returns" (on v4.2u) without downloading update?

    Okay, let me make this as brief and as lucid as I can.

    Exactly one year ago (Dec 2009) I used xzxero's incredibly simple guide (Modify any Wii 4.2 & below - to install the necessary mods - I installed Homebrew, DVDX, BootMii as IOS2 and boot2; I made a NAND backup; I restored the Trucha Bug; I deleted the Stub IOS's; I installed the cIOS and patched the System Menu IOS; and I installed priiloader v0.30.

    I was able to play all the wads that I wanted. Terrific.

    And then I bought "Super Mario Galaxy 2" this past May, which required an update from the disk. I checked around online and found that it was safe to update from the disk, so I did it. Everything worked fine.

    But then I ripped the Sonic 4 wad a few months ago and that wouldn't load through Homebrew. So I gave up on that.

    I just bought "Donkey Kong Country Returns." When I put it in it required a system update the same as "Super Mario Galaxy 2." I figured that it was safe so I did the update. It said that the update failed. But nothing was bricked and every already installed wad game and everything worked fine. My Wii is still a version 4.2u.

    But it still appears that I can't play "Donkey Kong Country Returns" without doing the system update. And since it fails every time (the updating from disk attempts) I really can't play it.

    1. How do I bypass this update?

    I'll note now that I tried to use priiloader, and when I went to "System Menu Hacks" to try to override the updates it just went to white and went back to the priiloader menu. Again, the Wii still works.

    2. Is it possible that my updating with the "Super Mario Galaxy 2" disk update screwed up my ability to load wads, messed up my priiloader, or even screwed up my ability to load "Donkey Kong Country Returns?"

    What should I do? What is the safest way of doing this? Much obliged!

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    Never update from the disc. The smg2 update killed your softmods. Resoftmod using the softmod any wii guide in my sig and never accept disc update. Priilloader blocks disc and online update. There's a guide on the site for that.

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    That's what I figured - that SMG2 killed my soft mods.

    How do I get my priiloader to block updates if I can't even get it to go into "System Menu Hacks"? If I softmod my wii again, will priiloader become functional again? By that I mean will I be able to get into "System Menu Hacks" from the priiloader menu?

    Thanks again!!!

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    You have to make the system menu hacks by copying and pasting the codes for your wiis region into an ini file. It's all covered by the guide on wiijohn and mauifrog might even have it in his guide i pointed you to. Softmod any wii guide in my sig. Good luck!

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    You will need to resoftmod, it killed your cIOS. If memory serves, this has what... 4.2 or 4.3? Best to follow the softmod guide (also there was a guide for SMG2 in the first place; you should've followed that and as stated prior to this, have Priiloader installed).

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    Looks like he was using gba temp and just found our site.

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    Since I'm a noob I'm going to sound like an idiot by asking this, so I'll make my apology now.

    Since my Wii has already been modded (4.2u)(exactly one year ago), and I already have Homebrew and Priiloader v0.30, do I have to reinstall those too?

    Should I just reinstall everything? Or should I delete Priiloader and Homebrew and then reinstall everything?

    I'm assuming that I just have Homebrew and Priiloader, and that every softmod that I did a year ago is dead.

    Where should I start if those are still there? I've read the "Softmod Any Wii" guide and there is that link that reads "Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed" so I'm assuming that I start from there. But then again, I still have priiloader installed - do I just leave it alone and reinstall everything?

    I'm still at 4.2u, should I switch it to 4.1 as per the guide?

    Thanks again.

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    Yes, that's the part of the guide you could follow. Also, I would suggest going to 4.1. Stick to the guide and you'll be fine. **note, if you hbc doesn't work with that guide (since your update might have killed it) follow the standard guide w/o hbc.

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    My HBC works fine still. So just follow the "Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed" box and I should be fine? By that I mean just do whatever it says in the "Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed" pop-up box and not continue? Or do I keep going?

    Then there is the issue with my priiloader. It still pops up every time I start my Wii, but I still can't get into System Menu Hacks to turn off or bypass the disk updates.

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    yes, follow that. No dont uninstall priiloader, and Keep going after that box, just follow the entire guide and you will be fine.
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