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Thread: Wiiflow rebooting twice before entering with 1TB Drives

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    Wiiflow rebooting twice before entering with 1TB Drives

    Good Morning. I have run wiiflow for a year and always had a 500GB harddrive attached to the wii. I can click the wiiflow icon and the games appear right away. I have now upgraded to a 1TB harddrive and the wiiflow can access the game after about 2 or three wiiflow reboots. Once in a great while it goes directly to the games. I have tried the new version of Wiiflow but still no luck. Any ideas as to why with the 1tb drive I have a couple of wiiflow reboots before it loads the list of games? Once into the game they run fine. Thanks for any help.

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    I have run across this problem before. Sounds like your hard drive is compatible but has to get a signal from something on the Wii looking on the drive first. Then it will start to spin up (which takes a minute sometimes explaining why after trying it a couple times it works) and things will be read normally. What kind of hard drive is it and is it in the compatible list? Also try plugging the hard drives power cable in right before you turn on the Wii. then try Wiiflow. If it works like it should then i think that is the problem, just a badly designed drive to use with the Wii.


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