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Thread: wii connection to pc home nework

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    wii connection to pc home nework

    first i want to thanks all for the great job your doing......i softed my wii 4.3e no probs using your guide.....loaded my backups to usb hdd.....want to connect hdd to pc and play them on wii via the official lan adapter but the wii wants to update to finish..... as i blocked updates on soft install do i have to undo block ?......and to confirm i can do what im trying to do ?......many thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by brettp View Post
    want to connect hdd to pc and play them on wii via network
    Good luck with that. It won't happen. About the closest you'll come is setting up SMB sharing that can be used by some apps and emulators.
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    so i take it ill have to keep swapping the hdd around ?.......thanks for the confirmation


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