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Thread: Newbie Help needed to play Black ops

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    Question Newbie Help needed to play Black ops

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help & give me a bit o advice on what to do next...??

    about 12 months ago a friend o mine came & put the Homebrew, wiiflow, game loader onto my wii so i could play backup games.. my wii is now running Ver 4.1E & has been working fine up until trying to play a copy of Black Ops on it where no matter what loader i try use it just gets to the screen where it says "Loading....." & just freezes there..

    ive done some searching about on how to get this to work BUT unsure of what i can trust & what i cant trust without turning my wii into a brick for xmass

    so could someone plz, plz, plz point me in the right direction to a dummies guide of getting black ops to work on my wii.. i take it it needs upgrading to the latest version..?

    many thanks to anyone who can help...

    cheers BaRoN...

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    look in the black ops guide on this site
    thanks to bmarlo for this signature

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    thanks i have done... but im still not 100% sure on what to do...

    im guessing at this..?

    How to Install - GuideIf you already have Wad Manager start at Step 3.

    1. Download -- WAD-Manager_v1.7.rar -- OR any version of WM.

    2. Extract the RAR file to the SD Root. OR --- place the "WAD-Manager_v1.7" folder inside your apps folder (after extraction).

    3. Wad Files go in the Wad folder on your SD (SD:/wad/xxxxxx.wad)
    4. Launch Wad Manager Via HBC -- Select IOS249 -- (OR IOS36, IOS236, IOS250) -- Press A
    5. NAND Emulation -- Disabled -- Press A ---- Wii SD Slot -- Press A
    6. Select the wad you want to install -- Press A To Install -- Wait -- Press HOME When finished.
    i have wad manager BUT its only ver 1.4. do i need to update this first or will it do the job..?

    then do i need to install IOS224 & thats it..????

    sorry for sounding thick.. but never done this before & dont wonna brick it soo close to xmass..

    thanks again.

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    sorry to interrupt in your thought process.
    ALL question regarding this title go in the guides thread to avoid clutter around the forum.
    you are close, and yes 1.4 should do the job when you are loading it from a fakesigned IOS so like mentioned the 249 etc should do.
    depending on your loader and if it can be set to use 224, thats it yes.

    Please refer to this Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide. Thank you!

    read all of post #1, open all spoilers if nessecary, same for the linked cIOS as wads thread (also a link below).
    thread closed - due to Yet Another Black Ops thread.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks


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