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Thread: Error running all games. Probably ios/cios related

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    Error running all games. Probably ios/cios related

    Hey hope you guys can help me figure out a solution.

    So before this, all of my games loaded fine off my hdd with CFG usb loader.
    But today i decided to play around with Pimp My Wii to update a few ios and such (i didn't uninstall anything)

    and now whenever i try to run any game i get this error:
    set_frag: -128
    ERROR: SetWBFS: -128

    Press any button to restart.

    My guess is that something went wrong with pimp my wii and maybe a few of them are corrupt. (i LATER read that pimp my wii isnt a very good program -_-)
    I was wondering if you guys have a solution for me?
    Is there an easy way to just reinstall all of the ios/cios?

    and just fyi: my wii is softmodded with the softmod ANY wii guide from here on wiihacks
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    Does something named "pimp my wii" sound at all like it could be a good program? lol Just saying.


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