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Thread: **** Congratz *****

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    **** Congratz *****

    Congratulations are in order
    for all our Wiihacks members
    all of us members ...the staff and Fatal

    This site just turned 2 years old very recently...and look how far we have come...

    • From just a few active members to the largest on-line user Wii hacking forum in the world.... we have surpassed every other wii hacking forum with the number of active users on-line...every day..consistently for a while now

    • Also we have the title of having the largest number of online users at one time ever on any wii hacking forum.

    • wiihacks is now the Fastest growing Wii forum in the world adding every weekly adding no less than 2000 new members per week for the last while

    Wiihacks can only be what we make of it....and yes..we make friends here..and we help each other as much as we can... and yes ..we hang here.... that's part of what makes a great community

    Since now is near the festive holidays...We the staff thought it would be a very good idea to celebrate too....and show our appreciation for all that has happened... is a community... and as a community...we should have some more fun together.... new members...regular members...senior members and staff alike..

    SO Without further adieu...we wish to announce...

    Fleet Admiral Victorinox

    has been promoted to be 's
    New Senior Moderator

    Congratz Admiral !!!!

    ~also its great that we always help out where we can~
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    Wiihacks Super Mod / Admin

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    awesomee for being numero uno

    i didnt even know how told the forum was =p

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    yays for wiihacks, its without a good thing to hear, this is by far the most helpful

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    Congrats Wiihacks and Admiral!

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    gratz admiral, u deserve(d) it

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    Well done to the 2nd Birfday & to Admiral on ya promotion.

    So what does that make you now?? Corpral (No good with the rank system)

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    Quote Originally Posted by stormyt View Post
    Well done to the 2nd Birfday & to Admiral on ya promotion.

    So what does that make you now?? Corpral (No good with the rank system)
    member = Rear Admiral (lower bar)
    jr moderator = Rear Admiral (upper bar)
    Moderator = Vice Admiral
    Senior moderator = Admiral
    Admin = Fleet Admiral

    for future reference, Admiral is General, in the Water, so all generals in Coast guard, or navy are admiral's :3

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    im new but have visited alot of forums and this is my best so far so keep doing what everyone is doing.

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    congrats to everyone!!!

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    wow its amazing this sites been around for 2 years im new to the modded wii scene this site has helped so much...only thing i need to get is a invite to a private torrent site

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