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Thread: WTF? d2pro2v9

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    WTF? d2pro2v9

    I just got my order from I had ordered a "Official D2Pro v2 9 Wire Wii Mod Chip" and a "D2Pro Solderless Clip Kit v4c".
    These should have bee compatible with each other but after opening the package, I'm confused.
    I think i got a normal d2pro converted into a 9 wire d2pro with a SPI flash add on. And i'm not sure if it came pre-flashed.
    The Wii-clip i got was for a d2pro and not a d2pro9. Yet they said it was v4c.
    And its a fake wii-clip too boot.
    Pissed. My intention was a mod that didn't leave any traces.
    I'm going to call them tomorrow and see what they say. Any advice? You guys think i should just wire in the chip and hope it came pre-flashed? Should i solder it to the wii-clip and try it out?
    Heres some pics of what i got. Thanx.

    Note... I have a D2E chip set.

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    Wish I could help but I don't know enough to tell fakes from real ones, I'm new to Wii modding. However if you verify from others here that this won't work for you maybe you can see if where you got it from will take a return.

    If you're looking for a great place to order from with awesome before and after sales service, check out

    I ordered my chip+WiiClip and it got here in a few days just as described and when I had a problem my e-mail was quickly answered with a solution (I had to burn the utility disc and update the firmware on my chip, worked like a charm since!).

    I hate to sound like a shill for canadamods but I had a good expierence, I've been burned in the past by shady mod chip stores, these guys you can trust.

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    looks fake, but it is a converted 9 wire, though its just means dvd updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    looks fake, but it is a converted 9 wire, though its just means dvd updates
    So... I may be able to update the firmware through a dvd?

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    you CAN, xD since thats what the spi did

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    Would it be a bad idea to unsolder the spi and just solder it to the wii-clip and use it? What kind of functionality would i lose?

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    dvd updates, jtag only, but the part the clip uses, and the part the spi use, dont conflect if i recall

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    K. I've been calling all morning and it's always been a busy signal. Getting frusterated. Got the wrong probucts, fake wii-clip, and poor support. The shipping was extremly quick but i still would never recomend It was a canadian company that was cheeper than Canadamods. My mistake. Anyhoo, I have a friend that has a 2 year old wii who is willing to take the chip off of me. I'm just out $20 for the clip then. Not a big loss, just a set back time wise. I'm still going to try getting ahold of them. Now to shop for a new chip for myself. Still go for a d2pro9? And a clip?

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    K. After 3 hours of a busy signal, i finaly got ahold of them. Yes, thay just had a bunch of 15 pin models left over so thay added the spi and flashed them. But thay are marketing them as an original 9 pin. It will work fine on my friends so i'll keep it. The wee-clip is a "original clip not manifactured by wii-clip" as he puts it. Translation = Cheap rip off. Thay said i can return it. So... I wouldn't recomend buying from that site. I know this question has been covered a thousand times but... Recomendations? Still go with a real d2pro 9 pin? Still go with a real wii-clip? I have a new Wii with the D2E chip set.
    Thanx again.

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    this site, is ran by a owner of a modchip site, and spouncered by a modchip site, i dont see why you wouldnt just use one of them xD

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