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Thread: WiiKey2+V14 Clip doesnt work once case reassembled

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    WiiKey2+V14 Clip doesnt work once case reassembled

    Hi everyone, i'm new here!

    Just installed my WiiKey2 with a V14 clip. Tested the chip while the wii was still open. The backup worked fine. Then once i close the wii and turn it on again it no longer reads the backups! Does anyone know why this might be? Seems to happen once i put the white outer case back on.

    I have a DMS wii by the way.

    Please if anyone can help it would be great.

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    This happened to me too with a wiikey 2, a wiiclip and a DMS chip to mod.
    The wiiclip ended up to be totally useless.
    This is because the distance that the clip's pins have contact with the DMS chip is very limited.
    When pressure is asked some of them do not touch the chip.
    Try with a flat screwdriver to get the pins just a little out from their places in order to be in better contact.
    NOT very much as it is dangerous to damage your DMS, just a little.

    Just to mention, even with the pins out,the problem remained when i closed the case so i did it the hard way, soldering the chip.

    So, if you have some experience with soldering, don't even try twice with a wiiclip.
    I heared from many buyers that they were no good but i was thinking that that can not be true as only the unhappy owners write for them which is normal.....Until it happened to me too.

    Hope i helped.


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