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Thread: wii newb, need help with a used wii i bought

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    Unhappy wii newb, need help with a used wii i bought

    Hi guys

    I bought a used wii last week, it was working fine.
    yesterday tried to turn it on , it showed the first black and white page where u gotta press the A button. went black after that and nothing happens .
    tried to reset it by unplugging for a couple on minutes. sometimes it does not even show the first black and white info page.
    i can't turn it off either
    my little sister is so sad ! i checked the nintendo website and they charge 85$ to repair.
    i wanna see if there is anything i could do to diagnose before i go ahead and pay that money.

    I think i connected the wii to the internet via wireless and updated it a couple of days ago.
    any suggestions?
    i appreciate any help.

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    you say it was a used wii might have been modded before hand check out our black screen causes and solutions guide it be the place to start
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    do u think u could send me the link to black screen causes page? I can't seem to find it.
    please and thank you

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    Wrong guide If I understand your issue. Are you saying it goes to the health and safety screen and that's it?
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Make sure the wii doesn't have priiloader on it. There is a priiloader hack that will make the main menu screen black after the health advisory screen. To see if priiloader is on the system turn the console off. When you turn it back on hold the reset button.

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    yeah. that's what happens. health and safety (black and white screen) that asks u to press A
    and that's it.
    blank black page.
    can't even shut it off when i press the power button. unless i hold it for a while.

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    it was working fine for a week. is it possible that might have happened due to an update that i did?

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    quite possible
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    I downloaded bootmii that was on the forum. copied it to an SD card and tried to load my wii with that but didn't work.
    what Am i doing wrong?
    I know I don't have so many options but could anyone please help?


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