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Thread: Loaders what makes one better than the other?

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    Loaders what makes one better than the other?

    I've always used USB Loader GX and found it to be quite good - a few little quirks but generally it's good.

    I've read about a few problems on here and a lot of the time people don't bother to even suggest something to help they just say to use a different loader as they are better and suggest wiiflow or usb config.

    I though maybe I was missing out on something so I tried the latest Wiiflow, it looks nice and pretty but it's so slow! It does the Wiiflow logo with dots bouncing underneath quite a lot and you're waiting for 10 seconds or so. So I ditched that and went back to usb loader gx which is much faster at loading.

    I downloaded the other one configurable usb loader but when I came to start it I just got some green mess in the top corner of the screen and had to hold the power button down for 10 seconds. Is it worth me trying to sort it or am I likely to just go back to USB Loader GX again?

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    We usually recommend CFG because it gets the most updates and is the most stable. But if GX works for you there is no need to switch between loaders.

    I used GX for every game until Black Ops; I couldn't get it to work so I switched to CFG

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    wbfs hdd with cios rev17- Stay with GX

    fat32 or ntfs hdd with cios v4+ and rev19+ use CFG Loader or Wiiflow

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    Thanks I have a wbfs partition with cios rev14 or rev17 not sure (have files from both on my PC - so maybe I upgraded)

    Now that everything works I'll stick with GX - if I get a game that doesn't work I'll look at the configurable one

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    I am a GX fan. Rev 938 ciosrev17 does everything I need it to. I have hermes installed and can run wbfs or fat32 w/o issues so far. GX has shown signs of new life too, being developed again. There is rev 1008 now.

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    I'm currently switching from GX to CFG. Backing up my drive as we speak. Doing this so I can run emulators and everything directly from the drive.
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    Wiiflow is kinda purdy, but the newest rc is extremely glitchy, it freezes occasionally and takes literally between two to five minutes to load some games. Im about to revert back to 2.1a it loads a game in less than five seconds, and the loader itself starts almost immediately. cios rev17


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