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Thread: just need some newbie advice please for black ops retail disc...

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    just need some newbie advice please for black ops retail disc...

    hi i have softmodded wii white ...about 6 mths old ...
    it was originally 3.4e and i hacked it with bannerbomb and installed hbc...
    ive updated the hbc to 1.0.8 using wifi(which i dont have now)....
    and im quite happy playing homebrew and playing wiiware on probs...
    im not bothered about playing backup games at all...
    i updated my system to 4.3e using wifi from nintendo and everything still works fine no probs...
    my question is thinking of getting black ops for xmas and my birthday and i know that the disc has an update on it... will this affect my wii at all? or will it update from the disc and still be fine with hbc 1.0.8 and wiiware?
    thanx in advance for your reply...

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    why should BO ask you for the update if you are on 4.3 already?
    but anyways if it asks, that should work, but nobody around here will really recommend taking the disc update, there are other ways.
    your shop-bought wiiware shouldn't be affected by updating. hbc should stay as well.

    Please refer to this Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide. Thank you!

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