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Thread: Drive Key's lack of support

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    Drive Key's lack of support

    Well after 2 days I finally received a reply e-mail from drivekey. The only way I got this was because I had to use the only form of contact on there site by leaving a message on there feedback. The e-mail I recieved was about the most immature and ignorant responce to a product inquiry I have ever seen! It actually sounded like a little kid wrote the e-mail calling me a moron and telling me it's not rocket science! Telling me there is a ton of third party info about it. And there is! But there is no third party info out there about a spare cable I received (the jtag prog) Wich if you are not a gamer you would have no idea what it was! And if that was the reason you were having problems! And all the videos and reviews said that this chip was not brand specific when reading discs Well it is! I attempted 4 different brands and only Verbatim worked. So does drive key work? Yes! If you got a bad one and needed help could you get support? Not a chance!!!

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    just one point, the verbatim is a laser issue, nothing to do with any mod.


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