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Thread: Stupid questions probably... need help though!

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    Stupid questions probably... need help though!

    My wii has the system update 3.1, d2pro9 v2 (I think) with wii clip installed.

    If I download a pal game and convert it to ntsc-u and remove the update using wiu 1.1... will it be okay? Will it run fine and not have to worry about anything? I've always been skeptical of downloading pal games because i'm afraid it'll brick my wii. I got "de Blob"... but it's pal. (is it any good?)

    Also... my d2pro9 sometimes has ejecting and inching issues. If I update the through the utility disc (don't even know what that is) or if I update my wii... will it make the chip fail have to solder one wire on? Because i've read that sometimes the wii clip won't work and you have to solder on one wire... but I have no clue how to do that. I like my wii the way it is and don't want to go through the hassle.

    Sorry if these are stupid questions or if they don't make sense...

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    you can run out of region, if you dont update from the disc, just update to 3.2 nothing you said will happen, unless you break it or try to do something stupid, happy playing

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    how do i update to 3.2? Also... do i have to update to play online?

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    you have to be able to run the game, nothing more

    wii update manager, swap the update on a iso


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